Ultimate Dreams Foam Mattress Review

by Matt Holland

Our Dream Bed

My husband and I both love firm mattresses and this Ultimate Dreams 10” Gel Memory Foam Mattress suits the level of firmness that we both like. When we lie down on it, we don’t sink that much into it. Its firmness is exactly what we are looking for in a mattress. Another thing is that the customer service of the company is excellent.

10” Gel Memory Foam Mattress

10” Gel Memory Foam Mattress

He answered all our questions about the product. He really knows his product well. We are also glad that this mattress is made here in our country – USA. It feels good that we were able to help an American manufacturer by buying an American product.

Best Features of this Foam Mattress that I Like

  • SLEEPS COOL: We usually have warm nights here in our place because of the humid atmosphere. However, we were able to sleep comfortably at night because this gel memory foam mattress stays cool. We didn’t have any issues of waking up in the middle of the night drenched in sweat.

This mattress also offers the perfect combination of plush comfort and firm support that lets us sleep soundly at night and wakes up fully rested in the morning.

  • AN AFFORDABLE ALTERNATIVE: After reading a lot of reviews about this Ultimate Dreams mattress, I have come to the conclusion that it is a great and affordable alternative for high-end memory foam mattresses. We have been contemplating on purchasing an expensive mattress in the first place.

However, we changed our minds when we stumbled into this mattress online. It got good reviews and has a lower price. Its quality is almost similar to those expensive ones. We were able to save thousands of dollars with this purchase.

  • RIGHT FIRMNESS: Many gel mattress reviews mentioned that this mattress is really firm. For us, it is a big plus instead of a minus because we both love to sleep on a firm bed. It’s exactly what we want in a bed instead of those softer ones. I think it’s all about personal preferences when it comes to the level of firmness for your mattress.

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Best Features

  • This size queen mattress is composed of two layers. The top layer is 3-inch thick of 4-pound gel memory foam. The bottom layer is 7-inch thick of premium base foam.
  • This Ultimate Dreams gel memory foam mattress is manufactured in the United States. All of its components are also made in the United States.
  • The 3-inch deep gel memory foam lets you sleep 30% cooler than the standard memory foam mattresses from other companies.
  • This memory foam bed has a velour cover that provides sleeping comfort and product durability.
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Since we were married, we have been looking for the perfect bed for us. The Ultimate Dreams gel memory foam mattress was the right bed that we have been looking for in years. We are really happy with this bed. Our only problem now is how to stop our youngsters from invading our bed because they, too, love it. I think we will just have to buy another Ultimate Dreams 10” Gel Memory Foam Mattress for our kids bedroom.

Final Verdict

Ultimate Dreams 10” Gel Memory Foam Mattress

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