Portable Folding Rollaway Bed Review

by Matt Holland

Portable Bed for the Big Guy: Milliard Super Strong Portable Folding Rollaway Bed

Milliard Super Strong Portable Folding Rollaway Bed Made In Italy Mattress Color May Vary 247x300 Portable Folding Rollaway Bed Review

Milliard Portable Folding Bed

I was really impressed with the info and reviews I read about this Milliard Super Strong Portable Folding Rollaway Bed. The biggest thing that attracted me to it is its sturdy design. The fact that it can accommodate guys who weigh more than 200 pounds is really very impressive. I actually tested this rollaway folding bed the day they delivered it and it lived up to my expectations.

Impressive Qualities

I easily weigh over 200 pounds and I really needed an extra bed that’s sturdy enough for person as large as I am. I have a pretty nice twin bed upstairs but there are days when I just feel too lazy to climb up to the bedroom. Those are usually days when I just have too much stuff to do at work – I just get home, grab a drink, and plop right on the bed to sleep the night away.

Here are some of the best ways this rollaway bed mattress fits right into my crazy schedule:

  • FOLD – UNFOLD EASE AND CONVENIENCE: I love coming home to this bed when I get downtrodden from the hassles at work. It’s really convenient; I grab it unfold and drop on it – that’s it. I wake up in the morning and fold the bed in one stroke and get ready for work; easy.
  • VERY COMFORTABLE: I have a memory foam mattress in the bedroom and I think it’s a real thing of beauty. However, this folding bed from Milliard rivals the comfort of that really expensive bed.
  • EASY TO ASSEMBLE: They delivered this folding mattress bed partially assembled. It wasn’t that hard to put together since there were only a few other parts that needed to be attached. Attaching the wheels at the bottom wasn’t that much of a hassle.

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Core Features

  • This mattress set is very portable; both the mattress and the bed frame are easy to tuck away and store
  • This rollaway twin bed isn’t a mule to fold and unfold
  • The wheels at the bottom make it easy to move around the house
  • The bed is very sturdy and can accommodate really heavy dudes
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I don’t really have a lot of complaints about this folding mattress. I really think that it’s an impressive piece of work. But I only have one complaint about this rollaway bed – its size. The manufacturer said it’s a twin size bed but comparing it to the twin size memory foam bed I have in the bedroom, I can easily tell that this one is a bit smaller. I can tell that it’s not a standard twin bed.

Nevertheless, I’m not really complaining about that small detail. I still highly recommend this Milliard Super Strong Portable Folding Rollaway Bed (38″ x 79″) Made In Italy.

Final Verdict

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Milliard Folding Rollaway Bed

Average rating out of 298 reviews: 4 12 stars Portable Folding Rollaway Bed Review

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