Best Memory Foam Mattress with Cooling Gel

by Matt Holland

An interesting innovation in the technology applied to today’s mattresses is known as a memory foam bed with cooling gel. Adding this gel material to the already comfortable memory foam mattress improves its overall quality. This combination of best qualities makes it quite popular with a lot of customers.

Why Get a Memory Foam Mattress with Cooling Gel

Cooling gel mattress

A memory foam mattress is very comfy with a cooling gel top.

A layer of cooling gel adds to the cool feel and overall comfort provided by memory foam beds. The obvious drawback to adding this layer of material is that it tends to jack up the price. Although a memory foam topper or full-fledged mattress is not as expensive as a high end viscoelastic mattress, this price increase tends to be a turn off for some consumers.

If anything, you get to add almost a hundred dollars to get that cooling gel layer. Those who tend to sweat a lot at night might think that this added investment is just right given their unique circumstances. However, I think those who may not have this problem can also enjoy the benefits afforded by a layer of cooling gel.

Side by Side Comparative Memory Foam Mattress Reviews

Here are two of my best mattress reviews for two products, which are in my opinion truly great buys. I would like to make a side by side comparison of the Serta 12-Inch Gel Foam Mattress and the Novaform Gel Memory Foam Mattress. I think both of these foam mattresses are really great products. Some customers may favor one over the other, which is why I would like to settle the score between these two products.

OPTION 1: Serta 12-Inch Gel Foam Mattress

Serta 12-inch mattress

Serta Gel Foam Mattress

This is our first candidate for the best mattress with cooling gel. One of its biggest selling points is that it is competitively priced.This Serta memory foam bed follows today’s standard sizing, which eliminates a lot of the guess for people who buy their stuff via the Internet.

This mattress was created using a revolutionary three layer design. The base is formed by a layer of premium foam, textured foam as the middle layer, and gel memory foam as the top layer. Cooling gel beads are infused into the layer of memory foam in this Serta bed. They make the mattress even cooler while lending a more dynamic level of body support.

Main Selling Points for the Serta Gel Foam Mattress

  • Compellingly better priced
  • Revolutionary three layer design
  • Infused cooling gel technology
  • Uses standard measurements

OPTION 2: Novaform Gel Memory Foam Mattress

Novaform Memory Foam Mattress

Novaform Gel Foam Mattress

This Novaform mattress is also competitively priced though it is slightly more expensive compared to the Serta mattress under review. It uses its own patented gel foam technology, which balances comfort with the needed body support. The gel foam is better able to respond to an occupant’s body temperature. This technology guarantees better sleep at night.

Main Selling Points for the Novaform Gel Mattress

  • Competitively priced but slightly more expensive than the other bed under review
  • Provides the body support from memory foam
  • Better response to occupants body temperature

Final Verdict: Best Memory Foam Mattress with Cooling Gel

Novaform Mattress

Novaform Gel Memory Foam Mattress

Average customer review out of 23 reviews:

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The Novaform Gel Memory Foam Mattress is our top pick due to its better response to human body temperature while lending firm support, which is the fundamental reason why a cooling was added to the memory foam.

More owner reviews

NovaForm Mattress

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Novaform Gel Memory Foam Queen Mattress

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