Best Memory Foam Mattress for Bunk Beds

by Matt Holland

A lot of people have been asking about the best memory foam mattresses for bunk beds. A lot of them are contacting us about bunk mattresses because they’re looking for the best mattress they can put on their their kids’ bunkbeds.

Double Deck Bunk Bed for Kids

Your kids deserve the best mattress too!

It’s quite obvious that a Queen or King Size bed won’t fit in a bunkbed. You also don’t want to mangle the thing in half just to have one for each child. What you basically need is a memory foam mattress that is about 10 inches in thickness that will be the same size as a single or double bed. It all depends on the size of the bunk really but they’re usually either of these sizes. To be sure, we recommend that you measure the width and length of your bunk first before going online to buy one.

A Couple of Great Options

The standard US size for bunk beds is about 39 x 75 inches. These actually are the dimensions of a “twin size” bed. There are not a lot of memory foam beds of this size available so you might find it difficult to get one that would fit your bunkbed. Luckily for you I have found two that would just be perfect for this job.

So here’s what I found out.  Your best options are the following:

Option number one – SilverRest Sleep Shop Visco 4 Kids Memory Foam Mattress versus Option number two – SureTemp 10″ Twin size Memory Foam mattress. Both are pretty good and both of these viscoelastic mattresses go by the standard bunk sizes. Here are my very own comparative foam mattress reviews.

OPTION 1: SilverRest Visco 4 Kids Memory Foam Mattress

  • Kids Memory Foam Mattress

    SilverRest Memory Foam Mattress For Bunkbeds


If your budget is kind of tight then take this option. It’s the cheaper of the two. But it is by no means “cheap” per se.

  • Two Layer Design

The SpaSensations mattress has a bottom layer and a top layer. The base layer (5 inches) is made out of quality polyurethane foam while the top layer (only 2 inches thick) is made out of memory foam. I guess this is the big reason why this mattress is more affordable. It works great, mind you but if you want something that has more memory foam, you are better off with our second option.

OPTION 2: 10-Inch Sure Temp Memory Foam Mattress

  • Sleep Innovations 10-inch Memory Foam Mattress

    Sleep Innovations Memory Foam Mattress

    10 Inches of Pure Memory Foam

Only the best quality memory foam bed for my kids. The thicker memory foam is definitely more comfortable and I think I’m getting my money’s worth out of it.

  • Antimicrobial Features

My kids have allergy problems. So, basically the antimicrobial and anti-dust mite properties of this bed works well for them.

Final Verdict

The Sleep Innovations 10-inch Sure Temp Memory Foam Mattress is available at

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My top pick between these two great mattresses is the Sleep Innovations 10-inch Sure Temp Memory Foam Mattress. It may be a bit more costly but its qualities are absolutely beneficial for anyone looking for the best memory foam mattress for bunk beds. Just make sure you order the right size (twin size).

Sleep Innovations 10-Inch SureTemp Memory Foam Mattress 20-Year Warranty, Queen

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